Joan Palmer, M.S. has been presenting information at schools and
businesses on issues concerning the human body and the health benefits of
real food since the 90’s. She was a high school teacher for eight years
before she left the public schools to raise her boys and earn her Master’s of
Science degree in Human Nutrition. She wrote her Master’s Thesis on
Alternative Therapies for Menopause, believing that there was a better way
to move through this time in a woman’s life than with a prescription.

She is the creator and owner of Real Food Matters, LLC. This is a business
designed to bring Nutrition consulting and education to individuals, families,
businesses, organizations and communities. She teaches the importance of
using real food, lifestyle, environment, herbs, and attitude to find the path
back to health.
Because Joan has a passion for plants
and their amazing ability to
heal, she
uses the art and science of herbs in her

She lives, hikes, gardens, raises
chickens, bees and boys in the
beautiful hills of West Granby, CT.