Individual Consultation
Whether trying to regain your health or just wanting to fine tune how you feel,
nutritional consultation/education is for you.  Everyone has different health needs and
levels of food experience. This means sessions are uniquely tailored to your specific

-Personal Health History

-Foods to limit or exclude

-Foods to include and what to do with them

-Learn to read and interpret food labels

-Clean out the pantry and restock with nourishing foods

-Cook these nourishing foods, recipes

-What to eat for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner

-Clean your environment of toxins to improve your health     

-Change your lifestyle to nourish your body and soul

-Blend teas for your needs

-The Art of Eating
Real Food Matters L.L.C is owned by Joan Palmer who provides nutritional counseling and nutrition education for individuals and groups.
Phone 860-693-6299 or email.