Doctors now believe that 80% or more of what ails us is
nutritionally based. Learn how what you eat, why you
eat, and how you eat affects your health. Learn to make
simple changes that will make profound differences in
your health and wellbeing.  
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Families that eat together see profound results
on their children’s outlook and overall health.
Learn how to involve the entire family in the
food rituals and avoid some of the familiar food
pitfalls. Learn to prepare simple real food that
everyone can enjoy while improving both
physical and emotional health.  
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Office workshops are a great perk to offer employees for all
of their hard work in tough times, all the while benefiting
their health and wellbeing. A recent article in the New York
Times showed that many companies are saving millions of
dollars a year in health care costs by providing health
programs for their employees. These savings come not only
from fewer medical claims, but also from reduced
absenteeism and higher productivity on the job. Let me
show your group how to use simple, delicious foods to
improve their physical and emotional health. These
workshops are uniquely tailored to your specific office
needs and interests.  
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Looking for something new and fresh?  Then
a home workshop/party maybe for you.  
Gather your friends and cohorts for an
evening of learning, blending and brewing
teas, and cooking foods to nourish your
body and soul.  Or pamper yourself and
friends by learning to make Bodacious Body
care or household products from simple,
clean, sensuous ingredients. These
workshops are specifically designed around
topics of interest to you.

Research shows indoor air can be more toxic
than the polluted outdoor air and that our
household and business chemicals are
polluting our water and wildlife. Learn how you
can clean up your home and/or office
environment and make it less toxic to your
health. Have a workshop and learn to make
your own cleaning and Bodacious Body Care
products that are better for you, your
community and your watershed.
Real Food Matters L.L.C is owned by Joan Palmer who provides nutritional counseling and nutrition education for individuals and groups.
Phone 860-693-6299 or email.